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Grow Up Classes

Grow Up Classes is a set of five courses designed to help you grow in your faith. You can go through them in person with one of our Next Steps mentors or on your own using the videos and workbooks below.

1. DIRT: Your first step as a new or recommitted Christian

DIRT is a powerful one-on-one discipleship tool where you meet with someone four times for about 30 minutes. You’ll discover basics of the faith and how to keep growing spiritually. Once you’ve been taken through DIRT, you are trained now to disciple others.

2. ROOTS: How can I become a member?

Roots is all about discovering the purpose and vision of the Church. You’ll learn why God created the Church and New Song’s specific strategies to reach our community. At the end of this class, you are able to apply for membership. Roots is now a live class, taught by Lead Pastor Hal Seed. Find the next Roots class on our events page.

3. TRUNK: How can I discover spiritual habits?

Trunk is a four-week curriculum about discovering spiritual habits that will empower you to keep growing in your faith. Through Trunk you’ll learn:

  1. How to have a daily quiet time.
  2. How to overcome spiritual A.D.D.
  3. How to get the most out of your Bible.
  4. How to grow in community.

4. BRANCH: So what could God want to use me for?

Branch is a four-week group curriculum designed to help you discover your spiritual gifts and how God has shaped you to do ministry. Branch is offered in small groups or online.

5. FRUIT: How do I share my faith?

Fruit is a four-week class offered monthly that will train you to share your faith with those around you. Fruit is also a required course in order to go on any of our Mexico missions trips.

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Nick's Story

Nick spent much of his life alone. For 30 years he lived in the woods, away from neighbors, society, and the fulfillment that comes from deep and meaningful friendships. He didn’t enjoy interacting with others, because he never felt like he belonged. His estrangement from humanity began at an early age, when he started drinking; and by age 13, he was a full-blown alcoholic.

During his years of solitude, he earned a living moving furniture; but when he suffered a stroke and a heart attack, he was no longer able to work. As a result, he was forced to sell his cabin in the woods.

He was homeless, unemployed, and desperate. In an attempt to get support, he found his way to a local church, but once he became involved …

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