Kids Camp 2017

Kids Camp is a week of sports, arts, and Bible values. It’s a fun place to build friendships, learn new skills, and dig in to what the Bible says.

  • Who: Ages 3 (potty trained) – 6th grade

  • When: July 10-14 | 8:45-12:00pm

  • Where: Central Campus (3985 Mission Ave, Oceanside)

  • Cost: $40/child (3 or more for flat rate of $120.)

We have numerous activity track choices for 1st-6th graders including:

  • Ballet (1st-2nd grade)
    Introduction to basic ballet technics and moves leading to a performance event.
  • Gymnastics (1st-2nd grade)
    Introduction to basic tumbling technics on the floor, balance beam, low bar and horse.
  • Worship (Scream Team style, 3rd-6th grade)
    Kids will learn the moves and music performed on stage by our kids worship team as well as new material not yet released! This session is full of fun dance and song.
  • American Warrior (3rd-6th grade)
    Kids will participate in action packed obstacle course competitions.
  • Cooking (1st-6th grade)
    Kids will be learning about a variety of kitchen tools and tasks leading in to and including making great snacks and meals. All food is made for the kids to enjoy!
  • Sports (a variety, 1st-6th grade)
    Each day will teach and practice a new sport!
  • DIY Building (1st-6th grade)
    Hands on workshop where kids will be involved with building and constructing projects and learning the ins and out of tools and how they are used including safety.

Upcoming Events

Finding Community

Gene & Louisa

When we walked in the door at New Song it felt like a community. It's been a huge thing for us to be a part of a church that feels so much like a family - somewhere we could trust that our kids are going to be safe and well-loved, and where we can get involved.

New Song Community Church - Oceanside Christian Church