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Reuniones: los Domingos a las 11:30 de la mañana

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Este es un lugar apropiado para aprender de Dios y conocer a Jesucristo. Tenemos 2 grupos para los jóvenes de Junior High y de High School. (Los grupos son en inglés.) También hay enseñanza y cuidado para niños de todas las edades (en inglés).

Todos los domingos traducimos la enseñanza de Español a Ingles. Si su esposo o esposa habla ingles y usted español, ambos pueden aprender juntos.

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Faith on Fire

Anderson and Parishe's Story

Before Parishe and Anderson Miller started attending New Song, they were “good” people. Back home in Chicago, they went to church most Sundays but had little involvement outside of attending services. As Parishe puts it, there was “no opportunity for growth.” Though Jesus was somewhere in the mix, the Millers’ relationship with him remained stagnant. Church was just a box they checked off their to-do list.

But God had greater plans for the Millers.

When Anderson was stationed in Oceanside, the Millers moved out west with the intent to try a couple churches and see where they fit in. They desired to join a church that could help them “figure this whole thing out,” Parishe says, because “without God, life is pretty crazy.”

Parishe made a list of churches to …

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