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Hope from Despair

Despite seeming to having it all—a wife, a house, and a son—Brian struggled to fill the void he felt in his life. When a tough military deployment caused him to abandon his Catholic faith, he spiraled out of control, turning to drugs to ease the pain. Fortunately for Brian, God met him at rock bottom.

Brian joined the military at age 18, desiring to serve his country after the 9/11 attacks. During his deployment, he saw things he never thought he would see—and then lost a friend close enough to call his brother. Already skeptical of the Catholic church, he decided that God was not real and struggled to figure out what was still missing in his life. “I didn’t have happiness. I didn’t have fulfillment,” Brian says. He turned to drugs and found himself trapped in Satan’s snares. “Everything I did was wrapped in Satan.”

Eventually, Brian lost his wife and son to divorce. Everything that he had counted on as part of his identity was now gone. “I was in a hole,” Brian says of those dark days. After overdosing on drugs, he decided he needed help. He reached out to a neighbor, who put him in touch with a pastor at New Song. Little did he know that another neighbor and New Song member was praying for him at this time.

Shortly after coming to New Song, Brian made the life-altering decision to accept Jesus Christ as his savior. He soon declared his faith publicly by being baptized. Brian has discovered who he is in Christ, stating, “I’m becoming a whole new person.” Turning 180° from the life he lived before, he is “slowly but surely getting rid of a lot of demons.” He finds peace and comfort in prayer that he never experienced before. He views prayer as a sword to thwart Satan from tempting him with former bad habits.

Brian’s transformation has allowed him to begin reconciling with his family. His son has come to Christ and will soon be baptized. In addition to rebuilding relationships with his family, Brian has found new brothers and sisters in the community of faith. “Now that I’ve come to Christ, I’ve realized that we’re all family,” he says. Being a part of this community of believers has given him new direction and meaning for his life. Since becoming a Christian, Brian says, “I’ve felt a part of something. I’ve felt that my life has purpose.”

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