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Nick spent much of his life alone. For 30 years he lived in the woods, away from neighbors, society, and the fulfillment that comes from deep and meaningful friendships. He didn’t enjoy interacting with others, because he never felt like he belonged. His estrangement from humanity began at an early age, when he started drinking; and by age 13, he was a full-blown alcoholic.

During his years of solitude, he earned a living moving furniture; but when he suffered a stroke and a heart attack, he was no longer able to work. As a result, he was forced to sell his cabin in the woods.

He was homeless, unemployed, and desperate. In an attempt to get support, he found his way to a local church, but once he became involved in it, he realized it wasn’t what it seemed. He was forced to dress a certain way and was told by the church leadership that their congregation was the only true church. They attempted to convince him that if he didn’t attend that specific church he would go to hell. He left that church, and subsequently became an atheist. It was quite some time before he would ever set foot in a church again.

One day, he heard of a New Song Wow Weekend with former terrorist Tass Sadah. Tass’ background intrigued him, and he decided to attend the service. He was touched by Tass’ story of redemption, and his heart was beginning to soften, but he did not attend New Song (or any other church) again for quite some time.

He continued his lonely wandering, trying his best to eke out a living for himself. Life was not fulfilling or happy. He continued his lifestyle of alcohol and drug use. In his heart he knew he wasn’t living right, but he was unable to change. Until he ended up in jail. With his heart softened and receptive, a pastor who worked at the jail led him to the Lord. Nick felt changed from the inside out. “It’s a totally different feeling when you come to Christ,” he states. The day he was released from jail he went back to New Song.

Nick has found his place. He is appreciated and loved. He is part of a family, and he is growing deeper with Jesus every day.

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