Light to the World

2020 Christmas Offering

This year’s Christmas Offering is called Light to the World. We’re calling it this because our gifts will be used to share Jesus as the Light of the World to our neighbors. Our local outreach during 2021 will be funded through this offering. We’ll also use a portion of it to replace the lights in our Oceanside parking lot. They are over 40 years old, and about half of them no longer work anymore. This has become a safety issue for us, as children, youth and adults exit the building after dark. We’ll use another portion to replace the tattered window shades in our Carlsbad building. So it’s light to the world, light to the parking lot, and light to the building.

Our goal this year is to raise $100,000. We estimate it will take $20,000 to repair the parking lot lights, and $5,000 to replace the window shades. The remainder will fund our Easter outreach, Wow Weekend, service projects, and other events reaching our neighbors.