For the Love of a Child is our Annual Christmas Offering, which is about generously giving back to the God who so generously gave His Son for us.

The child who came at Christmas did so because He loves us. Our Christmas offering will fund all of our 2022 outreach efforts to let our community know about His love. We’ll also use the Offering to re-carpet PromiseLand classrooms and add new chairs and couches to the Promiseland courtyard. Our goal is to raise $70,000 for outreach, and $40,000 for children’s ministry.
How the Christmas Offering works:

Since Jesus is the reason for the season, we're asking each of us to give Him our best gift this
Christmas. The person you love the most is usually the one who gets your most costly present.
I’m hoping this year you’ll give Jesus your most costly gift. Hal and Lori are going to give a gift to
Jesus greater than the amount we will spend on each other. After all, it’s His birthday, not ours.
I hope you’ll consider doing the same.

Click the button below to give to this year’s Christmas offering. Every dollar received will be used to
share the Good News of Jesus with our community in 2022. Please spend a few days praying
with me about the size of your generosity, you can also bring your gift to church on Dec. 12, or mail it in
the envelope you receive.