Five Ways to Grow Your Child Spiritually

It’s not always an easy task

As a parent, one of the most important responsibilities you have is to guide your child’s spiritual development. It’s not always an easy task, but it’s a crucial one. By nurturing your child’s spirituality, you help them establish a foundation of faith that can guide them throughout their lives. In this blog, I’ll share some tips on how to develop your child spiritually, 
  1. Make A Routine
The first step in developing your child’s spirituality is to make it a priority. This means creating a regular routine for prayer, Bible reading, and going to church. Encourage your child to participate in these activities and model a commitment to your own spiritual growth. You can start by setting aside time each day for prayer and Bible study, and by making sure your family attends church services regularly.
2. Read the Bible Together
Reading the Bible together can seem like a difficult task with children, but I've found that it works best during meal times. Any meal is great to just read one story from the Bible while the kids are quiet because their mouths are full! For younger kids, its okay to read the same story for an entire week! This way, they can remember the story.

3. Teach Your Child to Pray
Prayer is a powerful tool for spiritual growth, and it’s important to teach your child to pray from an early age. I usually throw a football with my son as we say one sentence prayers. To structure our prayers, I use the acronym CHAT. C is Confess, H is for Honor God, A is for Ask, and T is for Thanks. So, just ask your child what they need to tell about something wrong they did (Confess) what they like about God (honor), who/what they want to pray for (Ask). and what they want to thank God for (Thank).
4. Encourage Your Child to Serve Others
Serving others is an important aspect of spirituality, and it’s important to encourage your child to get involved in service projects. This could involve volunteering at church, participating in a mission trip, or simply helping a neighbor in need. By serving others, your child will learn the importance of compassion and empathy, and they’ll also develop a deeper understanding of their own faith.
5. Memorize Scripture Together
Pick one verse a week and choose to memorize together. Post the verse somewhere where you can see it during the day and practice with your kids often. Start with great verses like John 3:16, Genesis 1:1, and Romans 5:1.

You Can DO This!
Developing your child’s spirituality is an important responsibility that requires commitment, dedication, and patience. By making spirituality a priority, teaching your child to pray, helping them build a relationship with God, encouraging them to serve others, and teaching them to live a purpose-driven life, you can help your child establish a foundation of faith that will guide them throughout their lives.


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